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El Dorado Springs Chemistry


1           2 3
4             5         6 7 8  
    9                     10  
  11 12          
14             15            
17     18                 19 20              
  22     23                            
26     27                   28  
    30                   31
  33 34        
35                                 36  
37 38               39
    40 41                   42                    
43                   44                  
47                     48                        

1.Be positive!
4.In the middle.
5.Most of the periodic table.
9.Where all the elements are.
13.Chemistry fun with numbers.
14.Smallest particle that maintains it's properties.
15.Temperature scale.
16.I am a metal...not.
17.What you got divided by what you should have got.
20.The same but fatter.
23.6.02 x 10^23
24.For really big ones and really small ones.
26.Reaction goes boom.
29.Solid, liquid, gas all at once.
30.Very reactive with seven electrons on the outside.
32.twenty two point four liters.
35.I measure your volume.
41.Law when the temperature goes up the volume goes up.
42.A pain in your neck
43.You go where I was, I go we you were.
45.Solid to gas without wasting time.
46.100 degrees C for water.
47.Born the same.
48.More than one and negative...almost always.
1.I take a little heat away from you.
2.I hold chemicals for you.
3.The formula weight in grams.
6.Free, no charge.
7.I don't associate with anyone or anything.
8.So we all use the same ones.
10.I run out first.
11.Nonmetal you eat with an extra electron.
12.It is important to know me about a molecule.
18.I make it go faster.
19.It's how to round.
21.How to get from one to another.
22.Molecule recipe.
25.Metal you eat minus an electron.
27.Law when pressure goes up the volume goes down.
28.what was alone is now with something and what was with something is now alone.
31.Two or more make me up.
33.Molecules are far apart.
34.Born different.
36.What ever goes in...
37.What ever comes out...
38.Can flow
39.Movement of electrons.
40.Molecules are stuck in place.
44.So negative.

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