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Amelia Earhart

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    4 5 6  
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8.Amelia Earhart's younger sister
9.Where Earhart and Noonan began their second attempt at flying around the world
10.Where Earhart began her first solo flight across the Atlantic
11.Amelia Earhart's plane on her final flight
13.The organization for Women Pilots that Earhart helped establish
16.Where Earhart left for Howland Island
19.Where Earhart was born
21.Amelia Earhart's husband/publicist
22.Amelia Earhart's nickname given to her by her sister
23.The U.S. Coast Guard ship off Howland Island
24.Amelia Earhart's middle name
25.Where Amelia Earhart graduated high school
1.Co-Pilot on Earhart's first flight across the Atlantic
2.Amelia Earhart's co-pilot/mechanic
3.Where Earhart attended college for a year
4.Amelia Earhart's destination
5.Month Earhart disappeared and was born
6.Pilot on Earhart's first flight across the Atlantic
7.University that gave Earhart her Lockheed Electra
12.Amelia Earhart's father
14.The woman who gave Earhart flying lessons
15.Group that looked for Earhart's plane in 2012
17.The ocean Amelia Earhart was the first to cross
18.Where the woman's air derby took place
20.The name of Earhart's first plane

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