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Radio Frequency Identifcation


1 2 3
  8     9           10  
    11 12          

4.A program or signal that is broadcast or sent out
6.Term which defines the direction of communications as being from transponder to reader
9.A device used to communicate with RFID tags
14.A credit card or loyalty card that contains an RFID chip to transmit information to a reader without having to be swiped through a reader. Such cards can speed checkout, providing consumers with more convenience
15.Term which defines the direction of communications as being from reader to transponder
1.The main frequency of a transmitter, or RFID reader
2.The rules that govern how tags and readers communicate
3.An RFID tag with a battery. Can be read over a greater distance, but usually expensive. They have a limited lifetime as they are battery-powered
4.The tag
5.An RFID tag without a battery. They take the power they need from the electromagnetic signals transmitted by the reader. Can be easily made into a label as they are made thin
7.A device that detects the presence of an object and signals another device. Proximity sensors are often used on manufacturing lines to alert robots or routing devices on a conveyor to the presence of an object. They can be used in RFID systems to turn on readers
8.The reader
10.Same as the reader
11.A standard method of identifying the manufacturer and product category of a particular item
12.An event in which two or more data communication sources compete for attention at the same time and cause a clash of data
13.The amount of data that can be stored on the microchip in an RFID tag

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