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2 3       4
5       6  
    7 8      
  11 12 13          
16 17   18       19            
20         21          
          22 23       24      
  25           26                  
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  31               32            

2.What the Vertebrae is
5.The number of muscles in the 'Quadriceps' group
7.'Brevis' means _________ when referring to the size of a muscle
9.'music' and 'museum' are named after these deities
13._________Tactics" delaying or stalling
14.Between ___________ and Charybdis
17.English for Gk. word 'hemo'
19.__________ digitorum: 'Bender muscle' of the fingers
20.'2 headed muscle'
23.His heel was his weakness
25.Built the Trojan Horse
26.The name for 'kneecap'
28.The shoulder muscle 'shaped like a triangle'
29.They lost to the Olympians
30.The '_________' of Rhodes
31.A victory in which the winner loses more than he gains
32.Alexander the Great solved the mystery of this Knot
33.Sisyphus had to roll this up a hill for all eternity
34.The word 'tantalizing' is named for him
1.'Digiti' can refer to fingers or ________
3.He had to make an impossible choice among 3 goddesses
4.The _________ of Damocles
6.'Rhinitis' is a runny __________
8.' ________-Headed' refers to this water monster
9.King who was cursed by a golden touch
10.The name of the muscle on either side of the jaw
11.From Mars, a word that suggests war-like
12.The 'Gastrocnemius' is the _________ muscle in the leg
15.Performed 12 impossible tasks
16.'Cirrhosis' affects this body organ
17.'Osteo' is a prefix meaning __________
18.A kind of long, epic journey, named for Odysseus
21.Thjeir seductive voices lured men to their deaths
22.She unleashed evils upon the world by opening a box
24.___________ dorsi: the 'widest muscle' of the back
26.It arose out of its own ashes
27.'Panic' is named for this god
29.An 'Adductor' muscle moves a hand or leg __________ the body
32."Beware Greeks bearing _________"

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