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BIM Final

Al Marks

Business Information Management Final Exam. Spring 2013

1 2           3    
4 5            
  6 7 8     9             10  
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        23                     24
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      27                     28
  29 30                     31                  
  32   33           34                  
35 36                  
      37 38         39   40   41
      42                 43                  
      45 46       47                
50             51   52          
53   54 55       56   57                      
    58   59                 60
              61           62      
    63                           64        
  66                           67                
69                     70                        
71                 72                  

2.Key used to erase the character directly to the left of the insertion point.
5.Key used to terminate a line of text.
9.Replacing the original file with the changed file.
11.A named set of formats
12.Contains the names of drop-down menus that contain commands. (2 Words)
14.Contains the name of drop down menus (2 Words)
17.Function that makes a decision based on a comparison.
18.Allows you to search and access information available on the internet (3 Words)
19.Position of text in a paragraph relative to the sides of the page.
20.The ideas for the analytical engine led to the design of Babbage's ___ (2 Words)
21.Key used to cancel the current operation.
22.Used to describe criteria that requires a record to contain more than one value.
23.A method for computing equal period payments for an installment loan.
25.Used to create a hyperlink to a web page. (2 Words)
27.Text that is automatically added to an e-mail message is called a(n)
30.The portion of the worksheet to be charted. (2 Words)
31.<> (3 Words)
33.The unit used to measure character size.
34.Used to display web pages. (2 Words)
35.An activity that is scheduled for a specific day, but is not assigned a start or an end time.
38.Mathematical statement used to calculate a value. A formula must always begin with an equal sign. For example, =C5+D7+E8
42.Displays a button for each open file.
43.A field designated to contain unique data. (2 Words)
44.Feature commonly used in long publications, such as newspapers, to make lines of text easier to read.
47.View which is used to play a presentation. (2 Words)
48.Used to compare two values. (2 Words)
52.A sentence can be selected by holding this down. (2 Words)
54.Chart which is best for comparing the difference between values.
56.The column letter and row number used to identify a cell, such as B3. (2 Words)
59.A named set of commands and actions that performs specific task.
61.Used for measuring and contains markers used for formatting text.
62.Key used to move the insertion point to the beginning of a line.
63.Bulleted items and numbered lists can be indented farther by clicking which button? (2 Words)
65.A powerful database feature that is used to present data for printing in an organized manner with a descriptive title and headings.
66.Blinking vertical line that indicates where the next character typed will be placed. (2 Words)
67.Paragraph format that decreases the width of lines of text in a specific paragraph.
69.Can be used to control how a worksheet is divided into pages. (2 Words)
70.Shows records from another table that are related to a particular record.
71.The data a record must contain in order to be displayed by a filter.
72.The way items move onto a slide.
73.A cell reference that does not change when it is copied. (3 Words)
1.Every table in a relational database must be related to at least one other___.
3.Moves the insertion point in the document without erasing or entering text. (2 Words)
4.Use of telecommunications to work at home rather than in the office .
5.Displayed in the appointment area of the calendar in the appropriate time slot.
6.The solid square in the lower-right corner of a selected cell that is used to copy the contents of a cell to adjacent cells. (2 Words)
7.Key used to erase the character directly to the right of the insertion point.
8.Double-clicking any object in a chart displays this. (3 Words)
10.Displays the name and type of document. (2 Words)
13.An activity scheduled on a specific day that has a specific starting and ending time
15.Allows a user to participate in a discussion group. (2 Words)
16.Pictures used to make documents more informative. (2 Words)
17.The use of these began the third generation of computers. (2 Words)
24.Box used to name a cell or range of cells.
26.Should be included in a selection in order to retain paragraph formatting. (2 Words)
28.A set of related data to be plotted on a chart. (2 Words)
29.In Binary code, an 8-bit unit.
32.View that shows existing records in rows one after the other.
36.Function that returns a value from a table of values stored in the worksheet.
37.Displays a list of current tasks. (2 Words)
39.Selected to print a report with more fields across the paper. (2 Words)
40.Allows an individual to send message to another individual.
41.A field that stores several lines of text. (2 Words)
45.Alloes data from a file created in one application to be easily copied into a file created in a different application. (2 Words)
46.The way one slide changes to the next in Slide Show view. (2 Words)
49.Text that is reduced in size and raised to the top of the current line.
50.Number format displays values with a dollar sign aligned at the left edge of the cell and two decimal places.
51.An object that can only be modified by editing the source file. (2 Words)
53.Text that is reduced in size and lowered to the bottom of the current line.
55.A wildcard that can be included as a query criteria.
57.Clicking the insert columns button on the toolbar adds a column to which side of the selected column(s)?
58.A selection of two or more cells.
60.A visual representation of data stored in a worksheet.
64.Command used to add nonadjacent data series (2 Words)
68.A microcomputer is small enough to fit on this.

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