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World of Westeros

Jessica G

A "Song of Ice and Fire" themed puzzle.

1     2   3        
6 7     8
9   10                         11      
  14                               15
16                   17                            
19             20   21                   22  
        23                 24  
26                       27      
28       29               30 31
  32         33         34            
36                     37        
    38           39 40    
41     42   43             44        
47         48       49
        50 51    
53     54        
  55   56          

1.Pivotal to Northern defence
5.The oft used response to "all men must die"
9.One of Dany's suitors
11.The bastard name of the Westerlands
12.The Black Dread reborn
14.One of Dany's many titles
16.The site where Twyin Lannister defeated Roose Bolton's foot soldiers
17.Beheaded for treason
19.A Brave Companion
21.Renly's retainers, selectively
23.Beheaded for insubordination
25.Ser Oakheart
26.Where Gerion Lannister presumably died
29.Number of kings/queens and claimants
32.Northern bastards
33.Featured in five major Houses sigils
34.Late father of the late king
35.A wolf, bastard and warrior
36.Mr Mopatis.
37.Alias of a questionable Aegon
38.Dany's second husband
41.Robb Stark, abbr.
43.Dornish bastards
44.Another number of great significance in aSoIaF
45.Killed at the Frost Fangs
47.Color of wildfire
48.Oft used name in Westeros
51.Where Thoros served before Westeros
52.The blood of Old __________ (Dany's claim)
54.Stormland bastards
56.Number of times Beric Dondarrion has reportedly died
57.Pono, Jhaqo, Drogo and Ogo.
58.Number of direwolves found in the forest
2.Jaime Lannister quote
3.A possible Prince who was Promised
4.Waste, Wedding, and priest
6.Oft used name in Westeros
7.All men must die.
8.The bastard name of the Reach
10.A ko and later bloodrider
13.Burned an entire fleet after his father disappeared
15.Featured on at least two family sigils
18.One of many Lannister swords
20.The only place south of the Neck where weirwoods remain
22.Stark and Karstark
24.The end of an empire
27.The Mad King
28."You know nothing" speaker
30.The fourth son of a fourth son
31.The King Who Knelt
39.the Lord of Light
40.Tyrion Lannister, briefly
42.A number of great significance
46.aSoIaF author, abbr.
48.Riverland bastards
49.The gradfather of the Queen.
50.Crownland bastards
53.Bastards of the Iron Islands
54.Bastards of the Vale
55.Tully; of the Canals.

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