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The Day Lincoln Was Shot

Courtney Robertson and Drew Quirke

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1.Lincoln was a_________? (political party)
5.Also assassinated General ____?
8.16th President?
9.Who was Lincoln's youngest son?
10.Who owned the boarding house in which Abraham Lincoln died?
12.The bullet pass through Lincolns _____?
13.Lincoln was burried in _______, Illinois?
16.Who was Lincoln's oldest son?
19.The assassinators were ______?
20.John Wilkes Booth broke his ___ when he jumped off the balcony?
1.The bullet got lodged behind Abraham Lincoln's _______?
2.Abraham Lincoln was_________?
3.Attempted assassination, _______
4.Who assassinated Lincoln?
6.Who was Lincoln's wife?
7.Where Lincoln was assassinated?
11.What day did Lincoln die on?
14.What saved William Seward's life?
15.How many kids did Lincoln have?
17.Youngest son _____ died from tuberculosis
18.Where was Lincoln shot?

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