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Chapter 20 Crossword

Gurveer Singh

1 2   3    
5       6       7    
    8     9  
    10 11                    
14             15        
17               18
20   21       22                                    
    23   24                          
26                 27 28      
  30 31            
37                             38                  

2.Most popular T.V mini series in the 1970's
5.Type of harsh punishment towards slaves
11.Where most slaves worked
12.Masters viewed their slaves as this
13.Quality of a slave's clothing
14.Slaves create invisible ____________.
20.Most valuable export in the South
22.African Americans arrived in the U.S speaking in _____________ _____________.
23.unequal treatment based on race
26.Slave parents taught this lesson to their children
29.Number of nights Roots was on T.V
32.Black preachers would usually tell the story of this man
33.seperation of groups by race
35.Slaves began working at this age
37.Main conductor of the secret system
38.Wrote the book Roots
39.Secret system to get slaves out of the South
40.This is where half of free slaves lived
1.Slave families did not _________.
3.Hired to keep discipline in slaves
4.Slaves spent most of their day here
6.Slaves were defined as _____________.
7.A machine used to take seeds out of cotton; evil
8.A slave could also be this
9.Slavery was a system of what?
10.Richard Allen was the first black ___________.
15.Violent way slaves resisted slavery
16.Non-violent way slaves resisted slavery
17.A group formed by colored people in 1853
18.Population by 1850
19.Dumb masters of many slave tales
21.Slaves hoped to escape to hear
24.Population of urban slaves in 1860
25.A city slave is almost this
27.Edward Covey's job
28.Planters never slept without these
30.Sly hero of many slave tales
31.To get married, a slave would jump over a ______________.
34.On Sunday, slaves did this activity
36.Slaves went hungry this many times

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