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The First Gulf War


This puzzle is meant to help you put your knowledge of the First Gulf War to use. Please use all the words you have learned today to fill out the puzzle to the best of your ability.

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3.Country Iraq invaded that led to Gulf War
6.Another name for "The First Gulf War." Contains the letter "P. (3 Words)
9.Leader of coalition forces during gulf war (check the spelling!!!) (2 Words)
11.International organization dedicated to disarmament, formed after WWII (2 Words)
13.Negative name for an authoritarian government or one run by a dictator
14.Military code-name for America's defense of Saudi Arabia against Iraq JUST IN CASE (3 Words)
18.The last name of a male U.S. History teacher at BCAM
21.People from Saudi Arabia
23.Presidential Son of 41st President. Include his middle initial(s). (3 Words)
24.The reason the well-being and safety of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are so important to the United States
25.Commonly-used abbreviation for Soviet Union
26.People from Iraq
27.Name of Russia after it became a communist country (2 Words)
1.Stormin' ___________. Schwartzkopf's nickname
2.The country in the Middle East that is home to authoritarian former President S.H.
4.Iraq attacked this place, hoping to get support from other Arab nations
5.The military code name for The Gulf War (3 Words)
7.The name for the many illnesses that affected American and Iraqi soldiers after the war (3 Words)
8.41st President of the United States who fathered the 43rd President. Include his middle initial(s). (3 Words)
10.former President of Iraq who served from 1979-2003 (2 Words)
12.Another name for "The First Gulf War." Includes "the." (3 Words)
15.Trade _________ The prohibition of trade with another country.
16.The 41st President's Secretary of Defense and 43rd President's vice-president (2 Words)
17.Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman for 41st President and Secretary of State for the 43rd President (2 Words)
19.Official ally of Iraq during Gulf War that did not nothing to help (2 Words)
20.Politically troubled part of Western Asia that is also the origin of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (2 Words)
22.A type of missile used for short-distance targets

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