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Vigorous Vocab Review!

Keean Sexton

Vocabulary review challenge for Principles of English II.

1 2 3 4 5 6            
7           8                  
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  20   21           22         23  
25                       26            
      28                 29             30
33               34       35          
  36 37             38             39    
        41   42       43    
  44                 45      
  48     49            
50                       51
53           54              

6.unfeeling or insensitive
7.to put off or postpone
8.to defeat or frustrate completely
9.to make up for or repent
10.to increase the bitterness or severity of; to irritate
14.to speak or argue in favor of
16.the tone and spirit of an envirnoment
18.a conclusion based on inadequate evidence; a guess
19.cold and gloomy; unpromising
21.to confirm the truth or accuracy of
24.to line up; to dress up
25.indirect or roundabout; long-winded
26.to hold or stick together
28.hotile in purpose or effect
29.in very low spirits
32.able to dissolve or eat away by chemical reaction
33.sense of beauty; artistic
35.extremely eager, anxious, or enthusiastic
37.to ask or petition earnestly
38.to flow out of; to send forth
42.to refrain completely and voluntarily
44.prosperous; wealthy
46.to refer to indirectly
49.rude or unrefined
50.a brief account of some amusing or interesting incident
52.large in number or quantity; full
53.forceful and convincing; to the point
54.to engage in petty quarelling
1.to strike out or remove
2.to fill with horror, fear, or dismay
3.out of line or position
4.overly self-satisfied; smug
5.to speak slightingly of or undervalue
6.general or universal; worldwide
11.to make greater; to become greater
12.capable of producing the desired effect
13.calmness or evenness of temper
15.empty; lacking in
17.at fault; blameworthy
20.to get used to an environment or situation
22.a state of urgency
23.to regard with horror and loathing
26.fair and impartial; frank or outspoken
27.a progressive wasting away or decline
28.to engourage or assist, especially in wrongdoing
29.hardworking; thorough and persistent
30.to make known; to make public
31.impostor; fraud; faker
34.general agreement in feeling or belief
36.to try to equal or excel the excellence of
38.high in rank; distinguished; outstanding
39.to mismanage or make a mess of
40.a curse or strong denunciation
41.lack of feeling, emotion, or interest
43.rigidly severe; severely simple or bare
45.merry and carefree
47.continuing over a long period of time
48.gentle and kindly
49.to puzzle completely
51.overly bold, hasty, and thoughtless

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