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Dvorak and His Music

Lisa Ward

Find words relating to Dvorak and music nationalism.

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5.Someone who plays the organ: org-----
6.The place where Dvorak worked in America
7.Old songs of country people: f--- s---
10.A famous Czech composer
11.Dvorak's nationality: Cz---
12.An instrument Dvorak played: o
13.A type of music school: con--------
15.An instrument Dvoark played in the theatre orchestra: v
16.A trend in music in the mid 19th century: Nat--------
1.How did Dvorak die?
2.How many symphonies did Dvorak write?
3.Name of special dances written in 1878 and 1886: S-------
4.Dvorak's famous work for winds from 1878: S-------
6.Dvorak heard these songs in America: N---- Sp-------
8.Another name for 'America', The 'N-- W----'
9.Dvorak's famous work for cello from 1895
14.Special name for his string quintet and quartet from 1893: A-------

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