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Statistics Ch 8

Teresa Schwirtlich

1 2
3   4 5  
10                 11                   12

6.calculates the sum of the prob of 0, 1, 2, up to the value of x
7.number of ways of arranging x successes among n observations
9.Each observation has the same probability of a __________
10.formula for binomial coefficients uses this notation
11.number of observations
14.probability distribution of x
16.success/failure; fixed observation; indpendent; p is same for each observation
1.assigns probability to each value of x
2.expected number of trials required to get the first success
3.imitation or representation of a potential situation
4.common trial with two possible outcomes using this common pocket item
5.random variable that the number of trials is fixed
8.the binomial distribution says that if x is a count having the binomial distribution with parameters n and p, and when n is large, x is approximately n(np, square root(np))
12.as the number of trials n gets larger, the binomial distribution gets close to a ________ distribution
13.knowing the result of one observation tells you nothing about the other observation
15.one runthrough of an experiment

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