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Mammal Digestion

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2.Primary energy source used by all animals in the order to carry out life processes
6.The removal of undigested waste produces.
7.First section of the small intestine.
8.Enzymes that catalyse the digestion of carbohydrates.
11.Process whereby food is moved through the digestive system.
12.A ball of chewed food.
14.Warm-blooded animals that feed their young on milk.
16.Enzymes that catalyses the digestion of proteins
17.Process whereby food is take into the body.
23.Type of mammal with a short gastro-intestinal tract due to the fact protein is easy to digest.
24.Digestive fluid that emulsifies fat.
26.Process whereby absorbed nutrients are converted into the fluid or solid substances of the body.
27.Example of a complex carbohdrate.
30.Name for the process whereby digested molecules are taken into the blood stream.
31.Liquid produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder.
32.Type of digestion carried out by the action of teeth and movement within in the stomach.
1.Number of stomach chambers in ruminants.
3.Proteins are made from long chains of these.
4.Vein that connects the digestive system to the liver.
5.Tube that connects the mouth to the stomach.
9.pH of the stomach.
10.Example of a simple sugar.
13.Type of teeth usually missing in herbivores.
15.Liquid produced by glands in the mouth.
16.Organ that produces pancreatic juice.
18.Finger-like projections in the ileum.
19.Collective name for fats and oils.
21.The breakdown of large molecules into smaller molecules is sped up (catalysed) by these proteins.
22.Name for the sharp pointed molars found in the carnivores.
25.Large gap between incisors and molars in herbivores.
28.First Chamber of the stomach ruminants.
29.Found in the hind-gut fermenters. Harbours a large population of microbes to digest cellulose.

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