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K. O'Leary

Key Vocabulary for Investments

10       11                      

2.These are shares in small, not well established corporations. They are very risky but also have the potential to make a lot of money. They are not as stable as Blue-Chip stocks.
3.Occurs when you sell an investment for more than you paid for it.
5.They are an investment that includes a large pool of bonds or shares of different companies. The value of this investment depends on the total value of all bonds in the fund. Someone else manages the mutual fund, therefore, their decisions affect you.
7.How much fluctuation in your financial resources you can withstand. This is impacted by the amount of money you have after expenses and your ability to recover if you do suffer a loss of money.
8.The total of the income return and capital gain. Also called Return on Investment.
9.A regular dividend (from a stock) or interest (from a bond).
10.A good investment because most people add money to them each month and let the investment "sit" for many years until they retire and need the money. This means that even if your investment does poorly in one year, it has time to recover over time.
11.The price paid for a bond. It depends on the interest rate that the bond pays, the maturity date and the security rating of the government or corporation.
12.These are shares in large, established corporations. They are fairly risky, but have potential to make more money. They are not as stable as GICs, etc.
14.The amount of money given to a shareholder. It depends on the company's profits.
15.These people buy and sell corporate bonds, blue-chip stocks, and small-caps stocks in the stock market.
1.These are government produced bonds. They are very safe.
4.They are bought and sold on the stock market. They are the most volatile of all investments. You are buying a piece or the company.
6.They are more stable than stocks, however, they do carry intermediate risk. In return, they offer an intermediate potential to make money.
13.A very safe investment, with a guaranteed return. There is no potential to earn more than the guaranteed return.

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