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Chapter 17-18 Crossword Puzzle

Patrick Newland

Project for the Civil War and the Reconstruction including: people, places and, terms.

1       2  
3               4      
5 6   7           8
  10   11                        
12 13            
16                             17  
    21                   22        
24               25
  26               27   28          
33                   34      

1.A sustained fight between large, organized armed forces
3.Where the first battle of The Civil War was fought
7.A person who is owned by someone and is forced to obey them
9.Commander of the Confederate Army during The Civil War
11.The rights of citizens to political and social freedom of equality
14.The twelve years after The Civil War
16.A woman pioneer American teacher, nurse, patent clerk, and a humanitarium
18.Freed slaves in states rebelling against the United States
19.To lengthen in time
21.Where Abe Lincoln was shot and killed
23.Place where the Confederates invaded in Pennsylvania
24.The color the Confederate soldiers wore
26.A rascal
28.A large group of people associated with a territory
30.Last name of the sixteenth president
31._____, South, East, West
32.To be free is to have _______
33.A dollar bill
34.One, Two, Three, ____
35.The act of owning slaves
2.The act of trying to achieve equal rights
4.War that ended slavery
5.Soldiers from the South
6.Large farm
8.The enforced separation of different racial groups
10.An abolitionist who escaped from slavery and became a well know writer
12.To Free
13.A general increase of prices and fall of the value of a currency
15.A head of state or officer in supreme command of a country's armed forces
17.Soldiers who fought for the North
20.The color the Union soldiers wore
22.People against slavery
25.Joined together for a common purpose
26.North, _____, East, West
27.Capital of Virginia
29.To seal of a place where no goods or people are allowed in or out

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