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Second Semester Vocabulary Final

Mr. Newell

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4         5             6          
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          27       28               29
30                                     31          
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                  34   35  
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            43           44        
  45             46        
48                               49                      
    50                                     51 52    
  54                   55          

4.an idea or assumption to be tested in an experiment
6.the office, or position, of pope as head of the Catholic Church
10.the relative sizes of things, such as the length of an arm compared to the overall size of the human body
13.an economic policy by which nations try to gather as much gold and silver as possible by controlling trade and establishing colonies
15.a raised road built across water or low ground
19.a soldier who is paid to fight for another country or group
20.the first part of the Christian Bible, corresponding to the Jewish Bible
21.an economic system based on investment of money for profit
24.a person through whom a god or spirit is believed to speak
27.writing that uses pictures as symbols
30.in Christian ritual, the sharing of bread and wine that has been consecrated by a priest or minister (also called the Eucharist)
31.the head of the military government of Japan in the era of the samurai
36.the official teachings of a religion or church
38.identification with, and devotion to, the interests on one’s country
40.an Inca clan, the basic unit of Inca society
42.the belief that the fate of each soul was decided by God at the beginning of time
43.belief in reason and logic as the primary source of knowledge
45.a stone slab or pillar with carvings or inscriptions
47.a bridge supported by arches that are shallow parts of a circle
48.an agreement in which people give up certain powers in return for the benefits of government
49.more than human but not fully a god
50.the division of powers among separate branches of government
53.a combination of science, magic, and philosophy that was practiced in medieval times
54.sacred writings; in Christianity, the Bible
55.a set of actions that is always performed the same way as part of a religious ceremony
56.a military leader operating outside the control of the government
1.a measure of how far east or west a place on Earth is from an imaginary line that runs between the North and South Pole
2.a highly organized body of workers with many levels of authority
3.a substance used to immunize people against a disease
4.areas of study that focus on life and culture, such as history, literature, and ethics
5.beliefs that contradict the official teachings of a religion or church
7.the acceptance of different beliefs and customs
8.a gift of money of goods presented to a man or a woman upon marriage
9.a government or state in which God is the supreme ruler and religious officials govern in God’s name
11.in Christian belief, the state into which all people are born
12.a form of government in which people elect representatives to rule in their name
13.a system in which prices are determined by the buying and selling decisions of individuals
14.passed on from parent to child
16.a large fleet of ships
18.a test given to qualify candidates for positions in the government
22.a type of surgery that involves penetrating the skull
23.the death penalty
25.the body's natural defense against disease
26.the second part of the Christian Bible, which includes the Gospels and other writings of the early Christian church
28.the path that one heavenly body follows around another
29.marriage in which a man or woman has more than one spouse
30.having the sun at the center
32.a measure of how far north or south a place on Earth is from the equator
33.rule by a tyrant
34.a particular religious grouping within a larger faith; sect
35.the art of telling the future or finding hidden knowledge through religious means
37.a work that uses sharp humor to attack people or society
39.the appearance of distance or depth on a flat surface, as in painting
41.having the earth at the center
44.a group of countries, city-states, or other entities who agree to work together, often to fight common enemies
46.a gated chamber in a canal used to raise or lower the water level
48.relating to earthly life rather than to religion or spiritual matters
51.a person under the rule of a monarch
52.a person who supports the arts or other activities by supplying money for them

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