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1.receiving a blood transfusion is a ___ risk activity
3.HIV/AIDS can be prevented - true or false
7.the A in AIDS is an abbreviation for ___
8.hugging or being around a person with HIV/AIDS is a ___ risk activity
9.it is very rare for females to contract HIV - true or false
12.the I in HIV is an abbreviation for ___
13.a form of birth control that can protect against STIs
15.having only one sexual partner
16.abstaining from sexual intercourse
18.one reason why people choose to be abstinent - personal ___
19.a person can take a HIV ___ to determine if they have HIV
2.infections that commonly appear in people with HIV/AIDS are ___
3.the cell that is measured to determine whether a person has AIDS
4.a type of cancer that develops in people with HIV/AIDS (2 Words)
5.when a person has less than ___ T-cells in their blood, the person has AIDS (2 Words)
6.a form of pneumonia that is commonly seen in people with HIV/AIDS (2 Words)
10.to experience no symptoms of a carried disease
11.sexual contact with a prostitute is a ___ risk activity
14.a mucus membrane on the face that HIV can pass through; used for vision
17.a male bodily fluid that can contain HIV
18.a bodily fluid existing in both males and females that can contain HIV

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