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GRE Vocabulary : Vol. 2 : 20 Words


GRE Vocabulary Words -- Supplement to Kaplan New GRE Vocabulary Flashcards -- 3rd Edition -- Theme: Word Pairs, Set 1 (Other sources: 501 Vocabulary Questions by Learning Express, LLC; Kaplan GRE Exam Verbal Workbook, 3rd Edition)

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1.Dirty, wretched, squalid. Morally degraded. Marked by baseness or grossness. See also SQUALID and VILE.
4.Seemingly unaffected by pleasure or pain; indifferent, impassive.
5.To soften; to lessen. To make less intense or severe. To moderate the force or intensity of; diminish, alleviate. See also ASSUAGE, MOLLIFY, PALLIATE and TEMPER.
7.Having mixed or conflicting feelings; uncertain, unsure, doubtful, indecisive. See also EQUIVOCAL.
10.To make less serious; to ease. To make less intense or severe; mitigate, alleviate. To provide relief from pain, relieve the symptoms of a disease or disorder.
13.To annoy, irritate, puzzle, or confuse. To cause worry to. See also CHAFE, EXASPERATE, NETTLE, PEEVE and PROVOKE.
14.Tending to talk a lot; talkative. See also EFFUSIVE and LOQUACIOUS.
15.Talkative. See also EFFUSIVE, GARRULOUS and VERBOSE.
16.Not fully formed; disorganized. Just begun; in an initial or early stage of development; incipient. See also AMORPHOUS.
18.Unpleasant and harmful, unwholesome. See also PERNICIOUS and FETID.
19.Not feeling or showing emotion, impassive; not easily aroused or excited. Unemotional; lacking sensitivity. See also APATHETIC, PHLEGMATIC, and UNCONCERNED.
1.Filthy and wretched. Morally repulsive, sordid. Marked by filthiness and degradation from neglect or poverty.
2.Excessively greedy and grasping (especially for money); voracious, plundering. See also AVARICIOUS, PENURIOUS, and VENAL.
3.Lasting only a very short time; fleeting, transitory, brief. Temporary. See also EPHEMERAL, EVANESCENT, and IMPERMANENT.
6.Lasting a short time; transitory. See also EVANESCENT, FLEETING and MOMENTARY.
8.Feeling or showing uncertainty; hesitant, indecisive, vacillating, equivocating, dithering, wavering, ambivalent.
9.Starting to develop; coming into existence, emerging. See also EMBRYONIC, INCHOATE and INCIPIENT.
11.To annoy, irritate, or vex.
12.Excessively greedy, rapacious; having a great appetite for something, devouring greedily. See also INSATIABLE.
17.Stinking; putrid. Offensive, foul, especially in odor. Harmful, noxious. See also MALODOROUS.

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