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Using the information we read in your textbook, solve the clues to fill out the crossword.

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1.Once the British realised they could not succeed, they did this to the Anzac soldiers.
5.The narrow strait between the Agean Sea and the Black Sea
6.A long, narrow ditch.
8.A gun with a blade attached.
10.The surname of the man whose idea this strategic attack was based on
11.When the Turks charged down the hills on December 20, they found that the enemy had _____________________.
12.This brigade was cut down within metres of their own trenches.
14.This sport was played on the beach during breaks from fighting.
16.Where the Anzacs were trained
17.The Anzacs turned to this so they could blow the enemy up from below.
18.The country where the Gallipoli Peninsula is located
2.Though courageous, the Anzacs were ______________________.
3.These troops were fighting the Germans on the Eastern Front
4.This was arranged so that both sides could bury their dead soldiers.
6.One of the diseases that came from swarms of flies.
7.Soldiers would make these using jam tins filled with explosives, nails, stones and schrapnel.
9.This was one of the most savage battles of the campaign.
13.The mutual feeling the Turks and Anzacs came to have for each other.
15.The Anzacs had to claw their way up these under Turkish fire.

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