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One Direction Crossword

Rebekka Abbott Beveridge

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4 5          
6   7  
8         9              
11 12       13  

1.How many albums have they produced? (3)
5.Who is Zayn dating? (6)
8.Who was their mentor during their time on X Factor? (5)
9.Where did one direction make their first appearance? (7)
10.Who is Louis dating? (7)
11.Complete this song: Hey girl im _____ on ya. Im ___ on ya. (7)
14.Whats Harrys cat called? (5)
2.A curly haired one direction member (5)
3.What does Zayn love more than anything? (7)
4.What is Nialls hair colour? (6)
6.How many members are there in one direction? (4)
7.What does Louis like? (6)
12.What month is Liams birthday? (6)
13.Who is the Irish member? (5)

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