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Civil War Terms


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2.Term for a Northerner who opposed the war effort
5.Gunboats using stacked cotton bales to protect themselves from enemy fire
8.Afield of fortification which was made to absorb the shock of artillery strikes
10.Round container used to carry water
11.Maryland, Deleware,Kentucky and Missouri
12.Escaped slaves who fled to the union lines for protection
13.A two or four wheeled wagon or cart used to transport wounded or sick soliders
17.The cruel killing of a number of helpless or unresisting people
18.To practice marching millitary formations and the steps in firing and handlings one's weapon
19.to rush towards the enemy
1.A solider who served the office of his regiment by carring mail or messages
3.Freedom from slavery
4.was the solider who carried the flagin battle
6.Resisting or protecting against attack from someone
7.Extremely popular confederate song
9.A group of soliders stationed at a military post
14.A solider who was wounded, killed or missing in action
15.A term used to describe marauding or foraging soliders
16.A place where weapons and other military supplies are manufacture

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