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Greek Mythology Puzzle

By Seth Coggeshall

Test your Greek Mythology.

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  5   6
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1.The god of light & music
3.The goddess of harvest
8.The god of the sea
10.Another name for Hercules
11.God of the Underworld
12.The boy that didn't listen to his father
16.The wife of Hades
18.The creator of man
19.The myth of the man that traveled to see his wife Penelope
20.The god of love
2.The first woman
4.The myth of the return of your voice in a cave
5.The boy that was abandoned as a baby
6.Lord of the gods
7.The father of Icarus
9.One of the places that Odysseus journey
13.The myth of the king that makes stuff gold
14.The god that looks behind and gave best gifts to animals
15.The goddess of child birth
17.The young warrior who slayed the Minotaur

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