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End of year math vocabulary!

Caroline, Sophie, Hank

2 3 4                      
5       6
  7     8 9                  
        11   12  
13               14 15 16          
  17     18 19            

4.~Triangles~ All of the angles are the same
9.Two ratios are set equal to eachother
10.~Triangles~ No sides are the same
13.~Triangles~ Two sides are the same
16.Always given in years (for simple interest)
19.An angle that is less than 90 degrees
20.Interest rate % to determine the amount of interest
22.~Sampling~ Members of the population "opt" into participating
23.What you do first changes what happens next, without replacement
24.~Sampling~ Members of the population are chosen because they are convienient
26.Two angles that add up to 90 degrees
27.An angle that is 180 degrees exactly
1.What happens before does not matter
2.The angles opposite to each other when two lines cross vertical angles have the same measure
3.How much something can hold
5.Amount at start
6.The same exact size and shape
7.An angle that is greater than 90 degrees, but less than 180 degrees
8.~Equation for circles~ Pie*r-squared
11.~Equation for circles~ Pie*D
12.Two angles that add up to 180 degrees
14.~Sampling~ Population is divided into different groups, then members are selected from each group
15.The amount added on
17.~Triangles~ All sides are the same
18.The same shape but a different size
21.~Sampling~ A rule is used to select members of the population
25.An angle that is 90 degrees exactly

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