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1 2
5       6
14         15                                
16             17              

4.a physical response to an antigen, which can be a common substance that produces little or no response in the general population
7.cells and tissues that recognize and attack foreign substances in the body (2 Words)
10.disease in which the immune system attacks the organism’s own cells (2 Words)
12.cell that derives from thymus and that participates in many immune reactions mediated by cells (2 Words)
14.type of immune response that is produces by the action of antibodies within body fluids (3 Words)
16.the largest lymphatic organ in the body; serves as a blood reservoir, disintegrates old red blood cells, and produces lymphocytes and plasmids
17.a protein that reacts to a specific antigen or that inactivates or destroys toxins
19.type of white blood cell that exists in two primary forms, T cells and B cells
20.lung disorder characterized by labored breathing due to narrowing of the bronchioles; associated with shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing; and caused by a reaction to certain irritants
1.an immune response that functions to defend cells against invasions by foreign cells and that depends on the action of T cells (3 Words)
2.gland that produces T lymphocytes
3.the administration of treated microorganisms or material from a pathogen into humans or animals to induce an immune response
5.a type of white blood cell that produces antibodies (2 Words)
6.reaction of the body against an antigen (2 Words)
8.white blood cell necessary for B cells to develop normal levels of antibodies (3 Words)
9.immune system B cell or T cell that does not respond the first time that it meets with an antigen or an invading cell but that recognizes and attacks the antigen or invading cell during subsequent infections (2 Words)
11.type of T cell that recognizes and destroys infected cells and cancer cells (3 Words)
13.the ability to resist an infectious disease
15.substance that stimulates an immune response
18.white blood cell that matures in bones and makes antibodies (2 Words)

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