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10 Things Never to Do in China

Mr. Daryl

Read the article about visiting China at: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/ten-things-never-to-do-in-china.html Then complete the crossword.

1 2 3 4 5   6  
7                 8            
10       11                  
  12               13          
  14         15        
16                               17
        18 19
  20   21        
22                           23      
24   25                   26

5.This verb means to "just do your best to deal with it". (P. 3)
7.This adjective means: "A condition or place of great disorder or confusion." (P. 7)
8.In China, never show up empty ________. (P. 8)
11.In China, everyone serves themselves (or others) by turning their __________ upside down to take food from the main dishes. (P. 6)
12.An ______________ is someone you know, but not well enough to be considered a friend. (P. 2)
15.This verb means 'to wrestle or pull something away from someone else.' (P. 7)
16.This phrase means: 'is appropriate for both men and women.' (P. 8)
22.This adverb means 'with a noisy and strongly felt outcry.' (P. 7)
23.In China never make someone lose ____. (P. 2)
24.Chinese people automatically _________ food or drinks several times — even if they really feel hungry or thirsty. (P. 10)
27.The opposite of polite.
29.This noun is a synonym for 'Social Niceities'. (Fwd)
30._______ displays of anger are frowned upon by the Chinese. (P. 3)
1.In China, never take the first "No, thank you" ____________. (P. 10)
2.This idiom means 'to talk big, boast or brag about yourself.' (P. 1)
3.This noun means VERY embarrassed. (Fwd)
4.The adjective pre-arranged, means something that was arranged ____________. (P. 8)
6.In China, the family always takes____________ over the individual. (P. 4)
9.If an alcoholic drink is 'industrial strength', this means it is very __________.
10.This noun means 'it is most important and comes first.' (P. 4)
13.This adverb means to do something out of habit, without thinking. (P. 10)
14.This noun means: 'A reminder of the past; a keepsake.' (P. 8)
17.This noun means to say something nice about someone or something. (P. 1)
18.In China, never drink _____________ without first offering a toast. (P. 6)
19.In China, never accept food, drinks, or gifts without first ________ a few times. (P. 9)
20.This adverb means: 'without exaggeration/it is true'. (P. 10)
21.In China never accept a __________ graciously. (P. 1)
25.In China, never address people by their ______ names first. (P. 4)
26.This verb means "to pretend". (P. 1)
28.The idiom "showing up empty handed", means you arrived without a ________. (P. 8)

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