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Mountains Beyond Mountains

Mikayla Wysocki

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6.What is the Haitian "Partners In Health" building called? (2 Words)
8.Paul signed over his check to a patient of his at the Brigham who had AIDS when he found out that the patient was going to be ________.
9.Name of Paul's wife
10.His first year in Haiti, Paul worked as a medical volunteer at the _________ hospital in Leogane. (2 Words)
14.Name of the sister Paul's father assumes that Ophelia is when she calls him on the phone
16.The first city Ophelia went to in Haiti
18.Where did Paul's family live in his childhood years? (2 Words)
21.Jim creates the _____ Light Committee to regulate who can gain access to the lower priced drugs.
22.Where does Farmer spend most of his time while enrolled at Harvard Medical School?
25.What hospital does Farmer work at when not in Haiti? (3 Words)
26.How many strains of antibiotic is the T.B. virus uncovered in Peru resistant to?
27.What does Paul refer to his family as (since they attempted to live on a boat once)? (2 Words)
28.Paul's father is referred to as the ______ by his family
29.Haitian way of saying "white person"
30.What does Farmer collect with Ophelia before starting his work in Cange?
31.Organization that called MDR treatment largely ineffective but was proved wrong by Farmer and the rest of Socios (3 Words)
35.Who expels Farmer from Haiti? (2 Words)
36.Which school did Paul attend in his undergraduate years?
37.What is the problem with T.B. in Haiti and, most notably, Peru?
39.What does Farmer call the separation of the people who cannot be cured for reasons beyond their control and people who aren't cured because they don't have the resources? (2 Words)
41.Paul's first experience with Haitians was during the short stint when his family picked what?
42.Who funds the majority of Farmer's projects in Haiti and in Peru? (2 Words)
44.The reason many people with small injuries cannot be treated and end up dying is because they are ____.
45.Calculated cost of a public health project or medical procedure and quantification of its effectiveness (2 Words)
47.Jim hoped to create competition to drive down prices by persuading major drug companies to produce more ______ line antibiotics.
48.Name of the man from Brigham that tries to convince Paul to spend most of his time on worldwide projects and work only as a consultant in Haiti instead of treating patients himself, one-on-one (2 Words)
49.What do Haitians call things that are secondhand or of inferior quality?
1.Who gives Jim the idea to use generic drugs? (2 Words)
2.Jim wanted to ask the ____ foundation for $45 million.
3.Jim eventually decides to utilize _____ versions of second line drugs in order to slash prices.
4.Which member of P.I.H. heads the project in Peru? (2 Words)
5.Paul must take some time off of work because he contracts type A _______.
7.What is Farmer's main focus throughout the book (what illness does he work towards curing)?
11.In his early days in Haiti, Paul wrote an essay entitled "___ _________ _______" which helped him in understanding the Haitians' ties to voodoo (3 Words)
12.Kim had been a quarterback on the ________ High football team
13.Paul, Jim, and Ophelia devised a _______ strategy when they P.I.H. began running out of resources to fund their projects.
15.$14 million for the central plateau of Haiti, paid over five years that would go towards anti-HIV drugs, hiring Haitian health workers, and fixing up existing public clinics (3 Words)
17."DQ" ... to those working at P.I.H. a DQ proposal meant an emotional appeal (2 Words)
19.Name of the Russian man considering how to invest his $6 million to cure TB (2 Words)
20.Paul worked at Pere Lafontant's clinic here after returning from his time volunteering in Leogane.
23.Name of the patient from Haiti that P.I.H. flew to Mass General Hospital to be treated
24.Name of the priest who ask P.I.H. to start a project in his new parish in Carabayllo, Peru? (2 Words)
25.What does Farmer give one of his patients, Joe, for Christmas?
32.Ophelia helped Paul study in Haiti by quizzing him with _______. (2 Words)
33.What organization does Farmer put all of his money towards?
34.Name of an old classmate of Paul's from Duke whom Paul recruited to be on the board of advisers of P.I.H. (2 Words)
38.Who is Ophelia's father? (2 Words)
40.The amped-up version of the DOTS program for treating MDR after Jim and Paul share their clinical results
43.Place that Ophelia sends Paul and his wife on vacation
46.A huge part of caring for his patients and organizations around the world; received about 75 messages a day in early 2000.

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