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Aimee Crossword Puzzle

N110 Tutors

Lecture 1-4

2       3
  4     5
7       8         9  
      10       11
12   13                  
      15       16     17    
  18                       19    
  21 22      
23     24                  
25                     26      
  27           28  
29         30        

2.Males have a spike in testosterone at _____.
4.XX Females with the _____ gene are sex-reversed.
7.Altering the conditions when a drug is given can slow _____.
10.Ketamine acts on the _____ receptor.
12._____ estrogen can bypass alpha-fetoprotein which masculinizes the brain.
15.Glutamate binds onto the _____ receptor.
16.FAS individuals have poor development of the _____ callosum.
18.Changing the _____ when the drug is given can slow tolerance.
19.This stage increases in length as sleep cycles through.
24.The conditional response forms as one learns to _____ a stimulus.
25.Caused by the conditional response to the drug.
26.A _____ is more likely to go to college.
27.Sleep deficiency causes increased coronary _____.
29.GABA inhibits nerve functions by binding to the _____ receptor.
30.Drinking _____ brain cells.
31.______ have better mathematical reasoning
1.You get increased growth hormone at _____.
3.The primary male _____ is testosterone.
5.The Mullerian Inhibiting Hormone causes the female _____ system to regress.
6.Cortisol levels _____ right before you wake up.
8.XY males that lack the ______ for testosterone have androgen insensitivity syndrome.
9.The _____ response to food is salivation.
11.______ get into college more.
12.The corpus callosum of FAS individuals look like ______ abused females.
13.Phencyclidine acts on the _____ receptor.
14.XX Females with the SRY gene are _____.
16.Hydrocephalus is caused by the overproduction or lack of drainage of _____.
17._____, an anticonvulsant, blocks sodium channels.
20.VTA neurons project to the nucleus ______.
21.The drug administration ritual _____ the drug.
22.The _____ system is female.
23.Light acts as a _____ to train our circadian rhythms.
28.______ don't suffer from depression as much as the other sex.

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