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People on the Move

Grade Five- People on the Move

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3.A huge movement of people from Europe to Canada is called the Great____________.
4.______________were people of the Thirteen Colonies who remained loyal to the British ("King's Friends").
8.____________________means not being under the control of others and being able to make one's own decisions.
11.At one time, the__________language was the third most spoken language in Canada.
13.To this day, there are many _______________with Irish names.
16.Black people started thriving communities in Upper Canada and Nova Scotia.
17.The Elgin Settlement is now known as__________.
19._______________,also known as Joseph Brant, supported the British.
22.The American______________occurred between the British and the Thirteen colonies.
23.Many people in the_________ ___________ were angry with new taxes set by the British.
24.The Province of ______________was divided into Upper and Lower Canada.
27.In the "Statement of the ________Indians" it's pointed out that the First Nation peoples identified themselves with the land.
29."They (The First Nations) make excellent poultices (pastes) from the bark of the bass and slippery elm.
31.Many immigrants found jobs in_______________and shipping industries.
33.In 1774 Britain passed the ________ ________ guaranteeing Canadiens certain rights.
36.The Canadian government is modelled on the British system in many ways.
38.Because Britain needed more land for Loyalists, it _________________land agreements with the First Nations.
39.The song "__________ Train" let slaves know that a group was escaping to Canada.
41.Many Loyalists moved to_______________because it was still under British control.
44.The land agreements that the First Nations and the British negotiated were called__________.
46.Wilson__________lived in 13 different places and worked in 20 different jobs.
47.Today,________________immigrants make up over ten per cent of Canada's population.
48.Many Irish immigrants came to Canada because of destroyed___________crops.
1.In 1884 Timothy__________created the famous catalogue after his name.
2.Slaves from the United States escaped through the__________ __________.
5.The Caribbean, France, and this Spanish colony now an American stated were places Acadians were deported to.
6.One in ten Loyalists who came to Nova Scotia was a _____________ person.
7.The British colonies in Canada provided________and hopes for British immigrants.
9.The Haudenosaunee and the_______________ fought Americans in the War of 1812.
10.Throughout the 1600's ______________and Britain began to realize how rich resources were in North America.
12.The_____________of the Acadians occurred in 1755.
13.Some people who supported the British were the _________ ______________and Black people.
14.In 1793, Upper Canada passed the Act Against________.
15.Harrriet Tubman was known as a "_______________".
18.Loyalist life was very_____________.
20._______________were people of french ancestry who lived in Acadia (Nova Scotia, P.E.I.,N.B., and Quebec.).
21.France built a fortress called_____________ on Cape Breton Island.
25.____________designs were used to communicate coded messages to slaves.
26.In 1812, the U.S. declared war on Britain and its North American_____________.
28.______________ Novs Scotia was a tiny harbour village where many Loyalists settled.
30.Scottish_____________were forced off the land by landowners.
32.The Canadian___________Festival in Summerside, P.E.I., is held each year.
34.Many Welsh came to Canada to escape_____________.
35.Harriet___________ was an important person in helping slaves escape the United States.
37.The British, under the direction of Edward Cornwallis, built a fortress in __________, Nova Scotia.
40.The___________Settlement was created by Reverand William King in 1849.
42.People called "_________" hid slaves in their "stations".
43.The___________ have a long history in eastern Canada, particularly in Nova Scotia.
45.____________ immigrants came to Canada around in 1830.

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