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Ambition in Macbeth and The Great Gatsby

Culminating Task Handout

Name: ______________________________

1           2
  3 4            
5             6            
    7   8
9       10              

1.This person's goal was to become rich to please the one he/she loved and the Great American Dream
4.This person's goal was to take down Macbeth
5.This person killed many people to achieve his goals
6.This person's goal was to prove to his wife that he was the man she desired
9.Daisy was cheating on...
10.Desire and determination to achieve success.
11.This person's goal was to become Queen (2 Words)
12.This person's goal was to gain as much power as possible
13.This person's fatal flaw was his love for Daisy
14.What you are hoping to obtain
1.This person achieved his goals by owning a lot of illegal businesses and never giving up
2.This person convinced Macbeth to kill Duncan (2 Words)
3.The process or fact of achieving something.
5.This person's goal was to climb her social status
7.This person's fatal flaws were greed, ambition, and naivety
8.These people told Macbeth he was invincible

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