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Catcher in The Rye

Kevin S. Anderson

This is a character list crossword puzzle based off of Catcher In The Rye. Answer the following descriptions in order to complete the puzzle. BEGIN!

Note: Most characters are used with their full name in this crossword puzzle. There are no spaces.

  2 3
4                           5
    6               7        
    9 10 11                    
          13 14  

4.The janitor of Holden's dorm. Holden assumes his name during his conversation with Mrs. Morrow.
6.Classmate of Holden's at the Whooton School. He meets Holden at Ernie's for drinks.
7.Who was the prostitute that Holden met, and refused to "have the time with."
8.Who wanted Holden to help with her christmas tree lights?
11.Pency alumnus who made a fortune opening funeral homes. Gave a speech in the Pency chapel.
16.Holden's older brother. Served in the army. A writer. Author of "the Secret Goldfish".
17.A former burlesque stripper or something. Holden calls her from the Edmont to try to set up a date.
18.Roomed next to Holden at Pencey. No one liked him. Nosey and dirty.
19.She's more than just a friend to Holden, who is it?
20.Who is the rebellious character, who doesn't want to change?
1.Holden's roomate at Pencey. Handsome and shallow.
2.Where did Holden stay after he got mad at Sally?
3.D.B's former girlfriend. She's a phony, and an obnoxious loud mouth.
5.Who put a bullet into Holden's chest?
9."About as sensitive as a god darn tiolet seat!"
10.This kid got bullied in school, and then jumped out a window.
12.She has light red hair, calls herself Weatherfield, and Holden adores her.
13.Holden's younger brother who died three years earlier of leukemia.
14.Daughter of Pencey's headmaster. Sat next to Holden on the bus.
15.Holden's friend at Pencey. Let one rip during Ossenburger's speech.

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