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French Project

Adam Chaar

i made this puzzle for my French Project

1 2
5 6              
  7       8          
10               11              
          12 13
14           15       16
17             18                
  20 21          
    22                   23  
25 26       27                    
    28   29 30              
33   34               35   36   37        
  39   40              
41   42                    
43             44            
    45             46   47    
49       50       51            

4.vous avoir in the futur proche
6.duty in french
8.vous voir in the futur proche
10.to eat in french
11.to prepare in french
14.to enter in french
17.to speak in french
18.tu faire in the futur proche
19.to begin in french
22.tu parler in the futur proche
24.to wait or await something in french
25.to have in french
27.to buy in french
30.to hear or understand in french
34.ils vouloir in the futur proche
36.ils devoir in the futur proche
38.to pay for in french
40.to sleep in french
42.to sing in french
43.to drink in french
44.to put or place something in french
45.to run in french
46.to go in french
49.power or ability in french
51.to exit in french
52.je aller in the futur proche
53.to find or come across in french
54.to play in french
55.to leave or depart in french
1.to choose in french
2.to write in french
3.il finir in the futur proche
5.je être in the futur proche
6.to give in french
7.to keep in french
8.nous venir in the futur proche
9.to put out
12.to know in french
13.to learn or teach
15.to do in french
16.to put out in french
17.il pouvoir in the futur proche
20.to come in french
21.to pick up in french
23.nous vendre in the futur proche
26.to see in french
28.light in french
29.to get on something in french
31.to be in french
32.to study in french
33.to wash in french
35.to like or love in french
36.to say or tell in french
37.to sell in french
39.to send in french
41.to want in french
42.to cover in french
47.to read in french
48.to finish in french
50.to open or unlock something in french

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