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derrick's project

derrick finley

cross-word puzzle

1               2          
3     4                      
    5 6
  9               10     11
15 16   17     18         19            
      21       22      

1.A metric unit that is used to measure length (2 Words)
3.Numbers like 10, 25, 50, or 100 that are used to help make estimates (2 Words)
7.A number that tells how many items are in a group (2 Words)
8.Information collected about people or things
9.A set of related addition and subtraction or multiplication and division number sentences (2 Words)
12.A number that uses place value and a decimal point to show tenths, hundredths, and so on
13.Operations that undo each other. Addition and subtraction are inverse, or opposite operations, and so are multiplication and division. (2 Words)
16.The number of square units needed to cover the surface of a figure
18.A figure that begins and ends at the same point (2 Words)
20.Figures that have the same size and shape (2 Words)
21.A solid, pointed figure that has a flat, round base
23.A period that separates the whole numbers from the fractional part of a number; or that separates dollars from cents (2 Words)
24.Something that will always happen
25.A polygon with 6 sides and 6 angles
2.Two or more fractions that name the same amount (2 Words)
4.The amount a container can hold when filled
5.An arrangement that shows objects in rows and columns
6.Any of the numbers that are added
10.A line that divides a figure into two congruent parts (3 Words)
11.A way to show information that uses bars to stand for data (2 Words)
14.A metric unit that is used to measure mass (2 Words)
15.A unit of length in the customary system (2 Words)
16.A figure formed where two line segments cross or meet
17.Two or more sets that name the same amount
19.The number below the bar in a fraction. It tells the total number of equal parts or groups into which the whole or group has been divided.
22.The process of finding the total number of items when two groups of items are joined; the opposite operation of subtraction

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