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1 2         3      
4               5
6 7   8   9        
10                           11             12
    15 16                           17  
    20 21           22    
23                           24                  
        25 26       27                  
  28       29                         30  
        31           32          
      33 34              
37 38             39             40          
44           45  

2.Won the victory at Orleans, was burned at the stake for witchcraft (3 Words)
4.Genghis Khan led them to conquer most all of Asia, and Eastern Europe
9.The majority of Muslims, believed that the Caliph was not a religious ruler
10.Defeated the Moors in Southern Spain Sent Columbus to find the New World (3 Words)
13.Turks who conquered Constantinople and much of the Mediterranean basin
14.God of Islam
15.The five rules all Muslims must follow. Faith,prayer,charity, fasting,pilgrimage (4 Words)
18.Capital of Modern Turkey. Was once called Constantinople.
19.An estate and its people given in exchange for loyalty and military help
23.Ruler of the Franks. Made Holy Roman Emperor in 800C.E. by Pope Leo III
24.A document that placed limits on the power of the King of England (2 Words)
26.The numbers we use today. 1, 2, 3 (2 Words)
29.The peasants worked on the manor in exchange for their lord’s protection (2 Words)
31.North African people of Arab and Berber descent who conquered Spain
32.The holiest city of Islam, famous for the Hajj and the Kaaba
34.Sultan that conquered Constantinople, bringing an end to the medieval (2 Words)
35.The Holy book of Islam “Recital” (2 Words)
38.Called himself Czar of Russia and wanted Russia to be free from Mongol rule (2 Words)
39.Pope who called for the First Crusade in a speech at Clermont France (1097). (2 Words)
40.A noble who receives land in return for military service
42.Month of fasting (not eating)
43.Holy War
44.Moved from Scandinavia to Russia
1.Moved from central Europe and attacked feudal estates
3.political structure based on Kings giving land in exchange for military service (2 Words)
5.Often fatal disease caused by the bite of fleas from an infected rodent. (2 Words)
6.The founder, Khan of the Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous empire in history. (2 Words)
7.Leader of the Norman Conquest United the Angles and the Saxons in England (3 Words)
8.The obligation or duty of a noble to protect their King (2 Words)
12.Established the French throne and expanded their control over most of France (2 Words)
16.The head of the Roman Catholic Church
17.England and France war over land define (separate) England as a nation (3 Words)
20.A description word for Ancient Greek and Roman culture
21.King of England that was forced to sign the Magna Carta (2 Words)
22.The holiest shrine of Islam
23.Holy wars fought against the Muslims with the goal of capturing Jerusalem
25.A system of law based on Judicial decisions (2 Words)
27.A religion, “submission to the will of Allah” (following the will of Allah)
28.Campaign that unified the Iberian Peninsula under Ferdinand and Isabella.
30.A person sent away to do religious work
33.charging a fee for the use of money,this usually meant paying interest on loans
34.The main prophet of Islam
36.Pilgrimage (Journey) to Mecca
37.Muslim leader who recaptured Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187
41.Believed that the Caliphs should be direct descendants of Muhammad
45.A peasant laborer legally bound to the land of the Noble

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