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Hurricane definitions, historic hurricanes,naming of hurricanes

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6.a 1992 category 4 hurricane when it crossed Florida, came ashore as a 3 in Louisiana, one of the most destructive modern hurricanes
8.many United States hurricanes cross this body of water (3 words)
9.excess water that comes ashore with a hurricane is called this (2 words)
11.wet weather feature that comes with hurricanes
12.if there are more than 21 named storms in a season, the 22nd will be called this
13.ocean that hurricanes form over
14.a scientist who studies and predicts the weather
17.the shape of a hurricane looks like this
18.the only hurricane of record to produce hurricane force winds in Florida, the mid-Atlantic, and New England, in 1960
20.secondary feature of hurricanes that causes a lot of damage
21.type of violent storm with high winds that forms over the warm ocean
22.hurricanes form when warm air does this
23.number of intensity categories in rating a hurricane
1.direction that hurricanes turn
2.what the calm center of a hurricane is called
3.latitudes near the equator
4.2005 category 5 hurricane that damaged New Orleans extensively
5.wind speeds are measured in this (3 words)
7.damaging weather feature that comes with hurricanes
10.known now as "Isaac's storm" because of a book written about it, this 1900 hurricane that came ashore here in Texas was the deadliest weather disaster in the history of the US
15.device used to take aerial pictures of hurricanes
16.name for the location that a hurricane comes ashore
19.radio waves used to track moving objects

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