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Prefix non- pages 4-5

Afternoon Class 05/28/2013

1               2
4   5              
  7   8           9    
        10   11          
    14                     15
17 18          

1.I fried the eggs on a convenient ___ pan.
3.My partner talks ___, so it's hard to focus on the teacher.
4.The benefit dinner was hosted by a ___ organization.
6.I try to improve my diet by eating ___ food.
7.Green Peace members ___ly sat in front of a tree to save it.
10.I sprayed the sheet with ___ spray before I baked the cookies.
12.I took a___ 13-hour flight to Brazil.
14.Many food items are ___, so I don't have to pay extra.
16.Many buildings now have ___ paint, which will not catch on fire.
19.He is an award-winning ___ author.
20.Children's pajamas are safe and ___.
21.Final sale items are ___.
22.I put ___ milk in my coffee.
1.A frown, smile and thumbs-up are ___.
2.Modern crayons are ___ and not risky if eaten.
5.The Red Cross is a ___ organization.
8.Waiters' shoes are usually ___ so that they don't slip.
9.At the airport, you can buy duty-free or ___ items.
11.By her ___ language, I can see that she is upset.
13.If you open that CD, it will be ___.
14.I enjoy reading ___ books about history and famous people.
15.MLK Jr. was a famous advocate who led ___ demonstrations.
17.I have started using ___ cleaners in my home.
18.There is a ___ mat in the shower.

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