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          6 7
        8     9
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5.Who is the current "NBA" commissioner?
10.Who invented the game of basketball?
13.Toronto's current NBA team is the Toronto _____.
14.What does "WNBA" stand for?
15.This team has the most NBA championships in NBA history. With 17 NBA championships.
17.And NBA team must have at least __ players on a team,.
18.This player got drafted 1st round pick 1. He helped the Miami Heat win the most current NBA Championship. And also one of the best players in the NBA.
19.This team has won the most current NBA championship.
1.Who is the star player of L.A Lakers and is nicknamed "The Black Mamba" ?
2.The NBA's old name was the "BBA". What does BBA stand for?
3.What does "NBA" stand for?
4.This man is named G.O.A.T ( Greatest of All Time), and has 6 NBA championships. Who is he?
5.The team that is not playing offense is playing _____.
6.When you get fouled you take a ____ _____ shot?
7.A three pointer gives you _____ points.
8.The NBA has ___ teams in it.
9.The NBA quarters are __ minutes long.
11.The basketball rim is attached to ___.
12.The NBA started with only __ teams.
16.This type of turnover happens when you take 3 or more steps with out dribbling the ball.

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