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Chapter 23, Heart Failure Drugs

Nancy Coxwell

Pharmacology Heart Failure Drugs. If the answer is two words, skip a space between words.

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2.This class of drugs is short term and used in ICU for acute heart failure.
5.This is a beta blocker most commonly used to treat heart failure.
9.Positive inotropic effect and vasodilatory effect.
12._____ is a predisposition to digitalis toxicity.
13.Anorexia and N/V/D are signs of digoxin ______.
17.Check this function with digoxin.
18.All ACE inhibitors may cause this adverse condition to occur. HINT: K
21.Positive _______ increases the force of myocardial contraction.
22.Serious adverse effect of inamrinone.
23.Check these levels often when administering digoxin.
24.Digoxin _____ _____ is the antidote for digoxin toxicity.
25.Digoxin is a ______ inotropic drug.
1.Positive _______ accelerate conduction of the heart.
3.Serious adverse effect of milrinone Primacor.
4._____ blocker is cardioprotective and blocks catecholamine.
6._____ is a predisposition to digitalis toxicity.
7.This ARB (list trade) drug is similar to ACE inhibitors, but does not cause the dry cough.
8.Foods high in ____ are a no no when taking digoxin.
10.Lisinopril, enalapril, and captopril all cause this annoying condition that not even an antitussive will help. (two words)
11.Cardiac output is insufficient to meet body's metabolic needs (two words)
14.Synthetic hormone drug for acutely decompensated heart failure with dyspnea at rest. Used in intensive care. (list trade)
15.Negative ______ decreases the rate of heart beats.
16._______ (list trade) drug is an ACE inhibitor, used for hypertension, acute MI, & heart failure.
19.This pulse must be measured for one minute before administering digoxin.
20.THE only cardiac glycoside drug in USA.

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