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Chapter 23, Antidysrhythmic Drugs

Nancy Coxwell

If the answer has two words, skip a space between words.

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3.Vaughan Williams class IV is a ____ blocker.
7.________, an unclassified antidysrhythmic has a half life of less than 10 seconds.
8.Vaughan Williams class II is a _____ blocker.
11.Lidocaine has extensive ______ metabolism and doses are reduced by 50% for liver failure or ETOH patients.
12._____ juice has a negative interaction with quinidine and increases risk of cinchonism.
14.Lidocaine mixed with epinephrine should not be given _________.
16.Quinidine causes ________, which is tinnitus, loss of hearing, or slight blurring of vision,
18.To decrease _ _ upset, oral doses can be taken with food and fluids.
19._____ release should not be crushed or chewed.
21.N/V/D, ______, headache, & blurred vision are the adverse effects of antidysrhythmics
22._______ means antidysrhythmics can make an existing dysrhythmia worse.
23.Significant side effects of this 1b drug are: cardiac asystole, ventricular ectopic beats.
26.Vaughan Williams class III drug prolongs_____ ______.
1.Never _____ up the dose or omit a dose.
2.____ intake should be limited or avoided.
4.Deviation from normal rhythm
5.Adverse effects of ______, 1a drug, are N/V/D and should not be used with patients who have lupus.
6.After administering an antidysrhythmic, provider should be notified if syncope, dizziness, blurred vision, ____, or change in respiratory status.
9.No rhythm
10._____, class 1b drug and, is the most effective for treatment of ventricular dysrhythmias.
13.With adiodarone, ________ is an adverse effect.
15.Decreased cardiac output and risk for injury are ND for _______ drugs.
17.Postural _____ is a common adverse effect, so patients should change positions slowly.
20.Vaughan Williams class I is a ______ blocker.
24.Consumption of a high-_____ diet is recommended to minimize GI adverse effect of antidysrhythmic
25.After the drug is absorbed a ____ matrix may pass through the stool.

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