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Chapter 24: Antianginal Drugs

Nancy Coxwell

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1.This is a common adverse effect of nitroglycerin.
9.Checking the BP is the priority assessment before administering isosorbide mononitrate (Imdur)
10.This type of angina is trigged by stress, exertion, nicotine, alcohol, or coffee. It is intense but subsides within 15 minutes or rest or tx.
13._____ are a mainstay of treatment for angina and other cardiac problems.
15.This angina occurs at rest and follows a regular pattern.
18.An acute result of CAD and ischemic heart disease.
19.The _____ has the longest nitrate duration of action
2.Fatty plague deposits in arterial walls.
3.Calcium channel blockers are most effectively treat coronary _____ ______.
4.Flushing, headache, and _____ are adverse effect of nitroglycerin.
5._____ pectoris is insufficient blood carrying 02 and nutrients to the heart and it aches.
6.Poor blood supply to an organ is _______.
7.Men with _____ dysfunction cannot take medication for it while on nitrates.
8.________, traditionally the most important drug used in tx of ischemic heart conditions, e.g. angina.
11.____ is the pressure against which the heart must pump.
12._______ is the blood volume within the heart.
14.Diltiazem is not used to stop ____ anginal attacks.
16.This condition interacts with beta-blocker therapy.
17.IV nitroglycerin must be protected from expose to light with the use of special ____.

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