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1920s and 30s (ch 31 and 32)

1 2
3         4              
6       7 8
  9 10                        
11               12   13 14          
15         16  
  19                 20
  21               22          
    25 26                

3.where "ragged individualists" slept under "hoover blankets" (newspapers)
5.Coolidge took office after this man died
9.the day of the stock market crash was called
11.last name of the president who was shy, a mediocre leader, and was hands-off
14.buying on ___ allowed Americans to be able to buy refrigerators, vaccum cleaners, and cars
17.the ____ Act of 1924 cut the quotas for immigrants from 3% to 2%
18.act that implemented that 18th amendment
19.the highest protective tariff in the nation's peacetime history was the ____-Smoot Tariff
21.the Nine-Power treaty came out of the Washington "____" Conference
23.word for Henry Ford's technique of the moving assembly line
24.last name of the African American poet who wrote The Weary Blues
25.invaded the ranks of local labor unions as organizers and promoters
27.women who proclaimed their new freedom and independence
28.the ____-Haugen Bill sought to keep argricultural prices high by authorizing the government to buy surpluses and sell them abroad
29.more closely resembled the "nativist" movements of 1850s. antiblack, pacifist, Communist, internationalist...
30.last name of the high school biology teacher that was indicted for teaching evolution
1.the _____ Finance Corporation became a government lending bank
2.last name of the man who founded the United Negro Improvement Association
4.resulted in a nationwide crusade against left-wingers whose Americanisn was suspect
6.the ____ drew Americans back to the home
7.Protestant Fundamentalism thrived in the ____
8.the Jazz Singer was the first "____" movie
10.law that made interstate abduction in certain circumstances a death-penalty offense
12.last name of the man who was branded "public enemy number one" and jailed for income tax evasion
13.amendment that gave women the right to vote
15.last name of the author of The Great Gatsby
16.the ______ Scandal involved priceless naval oil reserves in Wyoming and California
20.the ____ marched on Washington to demand immediate payment of their entire bonuses
22.amendment that prohibited alcohol
26.in ____ vs. the Children's Hospital the Court reversed its decision that women deserved special protection

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