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1 2 3         4                
6                 7        
      8   9 10
12 13             14
  15   16         17  
  19     20   21 22        
            23 24                
              26               27

2.Longest Running game show
6.CNS HR Manager
7.Was a Planet now a Dwarf
11.will host the 2016 summer olympics
18.Movie being promotes at Family Day
19.Highest number of commissionaires is employed by who
22.Neil Young Song "____ Man"
24.Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton played him
25.Defeated by the LA Kings in the 2012 Stanley Cup
26.Chemical Element Bk
28.Charlie Watt is a member of this group
29.Put back to zero
30.The highest grossing actor of all time
31.DND Family day Theme
1.Newest Canadian Territory
3."to", "two" and "too" are known as these
4.Founded Corp of Commissionaires in England
5.500 Cdn troops defeated 5000 enemy troops in this battle (Korea)
8.Federal Level of gov't known as the Upper House
9.CNS Safety Manager
10.Jane or John
12.Played Don Vito Corleone (Full name)
13."alula", "noon", and "civic" are known as these
14.Commissionaires have to complete this course
15.worlds highest paid athletic (2012)
16.Longest Serving Canadian PM (last name)
17.Edward Walters (founder) fought in what war
20.CNS new CEO
21.Longest running prime time show
23.Service provided free to Commissionaires
27.1.61 Kilometers equals one of these

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