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1 2
3 4 5                        
  6                       7      
      10 11    
12                     13          
    14 15                                      
        18   19        
22                       23     24  
  29   30            
32                 33                    

5.German general during WWII
6.International Organization formed in 1945 to maintain world peace and encourage cooperation among nations
8.Led the US through the end of WWII and the beginning of the cold war
9.Staying out of the affairs and wars of other nations
12.The alliance of Germany,Italy,and Japan
15.Victory for the allied troops that resulted in the deaths of almost all the japanese defenders
17.The first day of allied invasion of Normandy
20.A meeting of allied leaders in the German city of Postdam to address issues about the post war
22.term used by the allies, stands for "victory over Japan"
25.WWII battle in which Britain won a decisive victory over germany in Egypt
27.detention sites created for military or political purposes to confine,terrorize and kill civilians
28.Led great Britain through WWII
30.The alliance of Britain,France and Russia
31.Led the allied invasions of north africa and France
32.led japan during WWII and was forced to into unconditional surrender following the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
33.forced to leave a country
1.a meeting between Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Joseph stalin to reach an agreement on what to do with Germany after the war
2.Battle in the pacific which represented the first allied counterattack against the Japanese forces
3.Japanese pilots who loaded their aircraft with bombs and crashed them into enemy ships
4.The nazi part's plan to murder the entire jewish population of Europe and the Soviet Union
7.An agreement between nations to not attack one another
10.a forced march of American and Filipino prisoners of war catered by the japanese
11.giving in to aggressive demands in order to avoid war
13.An area where minority groups live
14.Three month air battle between Germany and Great Britain
15.German word meaning "lighting war"
16.Battle between Japanese forces and invading U.S troops
18.took control of Japan during WWII
19.Battle between invading german forces and soviet defenders for control of Stalingrad
21.Nazi's army unsuccessful attempt to capture the city of Leningrad
23.Commanded troops in the southwest pacific
24.Naval battle fought in the Pacifc
26.The killing of millions of jews by the Nazis
29.term used by the allies, stands for "victory in Europe"

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