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Federalism Crossword Puzzle

2                       3
5 6    
7 8     9 10    
15                   16            

2.clause in Article I that grants Congress power to do what is necessary
4.constitutional provision that makes the constitution and federal laws superior
11.federalism theory that the states and national government should cooperate in solving problems
12.authority to legislate for protection of the health, morals, safety, and welfare of people
13.agreement between two or more states
14.powers held by national and state governments
15.system consisting of a league of independent states each having sovereign powers
16.authority is divided between a central government and regional, or subdivisional governments
1.specified federal grants given to state or local governments
3.powers specifically granted to national government by Constitution
5.type of federalism in which state and national government remain supreme in their own spheres
6.system of centralized government
7.transfer of powers from a national or central government to state or local government
8.section of Constitution in which Congress is given power to regulate trade among states and foreign countries
9.requirement in federal legislation that forces states and municipalities to comply with certain rules
10.grants given to state or local governments for general functional areas

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