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Environmental Health

PL Dunbar ES Students

Review vocabulary and concepts presented in Environmental Health unit

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3.toxins that exist in low levels
5.chemicals that do not break down quickly in the environment
6.proteins with abnormal shapes
7.#1 infectious disease
9.Single celled prokaryotic organisms
11.a non-living particle made from a core of RNA surrounded by proteins
12.diseases that are not caused by living organisms and are not contagious
14.transfer of pathogens from a non-human to human species
1.any organisms that lives by taking nutrients from its host
2.Caused by living organsims and are usually transmissible
4.needs a carrier to move through the environment
7.Single celled eukaryotic organisms, able to move independently
8.any substance that is normally harmless that activates the immune system
10.Organisms that normally decomposes but can also infect living tissue
13.severe acute respiratory syndrome

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