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Periodic table crossword puzzle


you have to use a periodic table and a glossary

1 2   3  
4           5
6 7         8 9        
  10             11   12
13           14          

2.it has a symbol that say Pb
4.each vertical column of elements ( from top to bottom) on the periodic table
6.it has a atomic mass of 10.812
8.elements that are shiny ductile and malleable and are good conductors
10.it has a atomic number that is 7
13.it is in group 18
14.used to make buildings
15.a negatively charged subatomic a partile that orbits the nucleus of an atom
16.we use this to make our pennies
17.the symbol is Li
18.elements that have prperties of both metals and nonmetals somtimes
19.the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom
1.it is right under oxygen
3.the smallest unit of an element that has all of the properties of that element
5.we like to wear this because it is shiny
7.it has a atomic number of 8
9.a pure subtance that cannot be separated into simpler subtances
10.a subatomic particle that has no charge and is found in the necleus of an atom
11.elements that are not shiny and are poor condutors of thermal energy
12.a positively charged subatomic particle in the nucleus of an atom

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