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Periodic Table

Jon'Asia Brooks

1 2
3 4                        
5             6    
    7   8  
10 11        
        13 14  
16       17                

4.The number of protons in an atom of an element.
5.Has the atomic mass of 14.007.
9.Properties of both metals and non-metals.
12.A thing that is composed of two or more separate elements; a mixture.
15.Internationally agreed code for a chemical element.
16.Are poor conductors of heat and electricity.
18.valuable jewlery .
19.A way a mineral reflects light.
20.The basic unit of a chemical element.
1.Is a column of elements in the periodic table.
2.A Russian scientist named Dmitri Mendeleev created a chart in 1869.
3.The symbol is Cu.
6.Are odorless and colorless, and they do not react easily with other elements.
7.The mass of an atom expressed in atomic mass units.
8.Is a row of elements in the periodic table.
10.The simplest form of matter and is made of the same type of atoms.
11.What we breathe in .
13.The element in group 13 and in period 2.
14.The medal for second place.
17.Are found on the left side of the stairs.

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