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1.The boldest prophet of all; God sent down fire from heaven
3.The apostle whom Jesus loved; Beloved friend of Jesus who wrote five books in the New testament
5.Traveling companion of Paul; Paul described him as his true child in faith
6.The first man
7.Man after God's own heart; King of Israel
10.The way, the truth and the life; Son of the living God
12.He was the first martyr; He was stoned because of His faith
15.Being freed from seven demons by Jesus and becoming one of His most devoted followers. She was witness to Jesus' crucifixion, burial, the empty tomb, and resurrection.
16.The one who brought Israelites out of captivity and slavery in Egypt
18.He was saved from the flood because of His righteousness; he built the ark
19.Wisest man ever; Son of David
20.Man with the right heart who gives the best offering to God; he was killed by his brother cain
21.He was a merciless persecutor of early church before but God changed Him and He wrote almost 14 books in the bible
22.He was the successor to Moses. He was one of the 12 spies sent to check out the Promised Land. He was the one to apportion the land among the tribes.
2.This man baptized Jesus
3.He betrayed Jesus
4.Creator of the entire universe
8.Father of all nations; A man of great faiith
9.Rebuilt Jerusalem's Wall
11.A very close friend of Jesus whom He raised from the dead
13.First woman; Wife of adam and mother of Cain
14.He was a fisher man; He was called by Jesus to be a fisher of men; He was later called Peter
17.The man who was sold by his brothers as slave in Egypt; Interpreter of Pharaoh's dreams
22.Man of patience; blameless and upright man who suffered so much but remained faithful to God

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