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This is a puzzle dealing with the Baroque period.

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1.During the baroque period, musicians often played with ________ in music clubs.
6.Oratorios are longer than cantatas and have more of a _______ line.
8.Baroque melody also creates a feeling of _____________.
10.Vivaldi's most popular work, La __________.
11.When three or more singers are involved, the composition is called a/an ________.
13.Large-scale composition for chorus with no acting, scenery, or costumes.
16.Late baroque music is predominately ____________ in nature.
18.flourished during the 16-1750's
19.Dido and Aeneas was written for students at a girls __________ school.
22.Most important composer of England and favorite of Queen Anne.
23.opera text
24.Corelli's ______ Sonata in A Minor
26.Baroque composers wrote ___________, which are sets of dance-inspired movements.
27.A Solo ___________ is a piece for a single soloist and an orchestra.
33._______ of mood in baroque music is conveyed by continuity of rhythm.
35.The ________movement opens with the ritornello, an almost continuous flow of rapid notes.
36.Drama that is sung to orchestral accompaniment.
37.Principal means of musical expression in the Lutheran service.
38.Song for solo voice with orchestra accompaniment.
39.Who wrote Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major
40.A small group and orchestra. _____________ space _____________
2.The first and last movements of concerto grosso are often in _________ form.
3.One of the most important composers of the early baroque era.
4.Male singer who had been castrated before puberty.
5.Known as the "red priest"
7.Monteverdi's first opera
9.Handel's _________ last about 2 1/2 hours and was composed in 24 days.
12.Antonio Vivaldi was born in __________.
14.His work marked the high point of baroque music. First name.
15.A fugue is based on one main theme, called a ___________.
17.Brandenburg ___________ No. 5 in D Major
20.An opera _______ generates atmosphere and makes comments on the action.
25.Piece that sounds fairly complete and independent but is part of a larger composition.
28.Round and round you won't go
29.Henry Purcell wrote ______ and Aeneas.
31.A composition in several movements for one to eight instruments.
32.Repeated bass over and over while the melodies above it changes is _______ bass.
34.A baroque piece usually expresses one _______ mood.

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