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The Book of Ruth

Glenn S. Patey, Major

People and places in the OT Book of Ruth

1 2
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4.The reason Elimelech relocated
5.Ruth's great grandson
8.The footwear used as a signature
9.The second name Naomi gives to Boaz
12.One of Ruth's sons
15.Naomi's husband
16.Naomi's Hebrew name
17.Naomi's faithful daughter-in-law
18.One of Naomi's sons
20.Where Elimelech relocated
1.The first name Naomi gives to Boaz
2.Ruth's grandson
3.Ruth's mother-in-law
6.Bethlehem's nation
7.The reason Naomi returned to Bethlehem
10.The crop being harvested
11.The twon where the story of Ruth takes place
13.The name of the daughter-in-law who turned back
14.The name of Ruth's newborn
18.Naomi's 'bitter' name
19.Naomi's future son-in-law

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