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Knowing Your Religion

Victoria Doudoumis

How well do you know your religion?

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1.Jesus means ______.
4.Having the nature or form of a person
5.At _______, the disciples were transformed by the church.
6.The expectation that if you do something for someone, this person at one point will do the same for you.
12.Is another name for isolation of the self in Western culture
14.Is the seventh day
16.We have no clear _________.
17.We experience the loss of ________.
19.A parable is a ________Ma
20.A duty of the government is to have respect for the ________ of the person.
21.There are _____ parts of a covenant
22.An essential part of culture.
2._______ are social structures that stabilize society's beliefs and values
3.Rituals of daily life
5.Holy people in Israel who were spokespersons for God.
7.System of meanings, beliefs, values held in common by a society or parts of a society
8.5 Kinds of Love are sexual, family, friendship, charity, and _________.
9.Science that studies the origin and customs of human beings.
10.Objects or gestures that express one specific message or meaning
11.God's instructions about the covenant
13.People who have no religious affiliation
15.The breach of relationship that God established with creation.
18.Associated with all aspects of human life; use symbols to connect us to the community

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